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How to save thousands on your business insurance coverage

Did you know you have the potential to lose hundreds of thousands of dollars (or more) in your insurance claims?

Business insurance expert campaigning to highlight what you need to know about business insurance.

Patrick Langan. Dip.Fin. Serv.(Broking), QPIB, Oracle Group AFS 363610, Authorised Rep. No.1240016

Hang-on I hear you are saying ‘I wanted to know how to save on my business insurance premiums’ and yes we will tackle that shortly so just stick with me for a little longer.

To obtain true premium savings you need to know how not to be fooled by the glossy brochure, plus there is a free service on offer to help you.

Horrifying reality

The horrifying reality with business insurance is that when you need it most, insurers may fight you for every dollar to reduce their claims liability, by using their considerable internal and financial resources to go to war against you and your claim.

Why is this happening?   

In the past insurers were members of co-operatives or structured in such a way that profitability was used to help manage policy holder risk, lower premiums and their attitude to claims more customer friendly.

Today, the majority of insurers are stock exchange listed. Their main objective is to make money for their investors and CEO’s who run them.

Profit maximisation means cutting costs and an easy cost cutting option is reducing claims payouts.

Principle weapon of destruction

The data you provided in your proposal to the insurer is the chief weapon to be used against you. Insurance policies are complex legal instruments designed to ‘price the premium’ and minimise claim payouts where, in the eyes of the insurer, you have not been truthful or provided the detailed information required to understand the full extent of the risk (Duty of Disclosure).

The insurer’s interpretation is what matters, whether right or wrong. It provides the justification for declining or reducing claims. For using strategies such as dragging disputes through years of legal challenges, wear down the other party until a lack of will or funds forces them to give up the fight.

Even if not a protracted legal dispute, slowing payouts or creating numerous and often onerous requests for information is financially beneficial to them, yet can be devastating to you. You could go bankrupt waiting, then any payout may benefit your creditors and not benefit you in the same way as initially perceived.

Technology and Insurance Brokers

With the advent of technology, most coverage data for pricing and risk assessment is punched into insurance company systems by broker support staff.

They are usually not trained brokers and not highly paid. Their focus is administrative data entry, including non-intentional mistakes whether theirs or carried over from broker notes.

Being human means mistakes happen, however brokers have also been forced to trim people and time costs to survive. Therefore, it is common for issued policies not to be thoroughly checked in arrears. Yes, the headline rate and main points may get a quick once over, however it is uncommon to go back and test the underlying data because time is at a premium.

Most policies also state that the policy holder (you) need to notify any errors. Of course, you happily spend hours verifying there are ‘no omissions and errors’, before filing away never to be seen again until next renewal of a claim arises, in which case it will be too late.

Getting Cheaper Premiums

Like most industries, competition means there is little price difference between insurers for the exact same cover.

Sometimes insurers are trying to buy, grow or leave a market sector, or specialise in sectors which can provide savings opportunities.

At times, you may still be paying old rates because your insurance may not have been reviewed for some time and a review is all that is needed for a quick win.

However generally speaking, large savings on insurance premiums between insurers usually means a reduction in the risk coverage or increase in your exposure, accounting for a premium reduction.

It is extremely difficult for the average business owner to determine whether a competing insurance quotation is a real premium saving and would require an insurance specialist to guide them.

Also it would be unlikely that you are purchasing your total business insurance directly from an insurer. If this were the case then I would believe you have even a greater payout risk.

If coverage for certain risks can be reduced or no longer required, a lower premium should be expected, however what happens if the competing broker never included a comparable risk coverage in their quotation?

Alternatively, a competing broker may have more insight into your industry and provided coverage pricing for industry common risks, that your existing broker has not considered.

Brave new world

We all dislike paying for business insurance however when there is an incident we expect to be covered and have our claims paid.

The trend seems to indicate an increasing willingness from insurers to fight to reduce your claims.

In turn the lure of cheaper premiums could inadvertently be reducing your own cover.

Business owners need to place more emphases on comparing Broker’s willingness to act in your best interests,  rather than win the business on false price savings.

The days of ‘my broker is good because we have always dealt with them’ are over.

In the event of a claim you would need your broker to be pressuring the insurer to get the claim approved quickly. Furthermore, if the claim needs to go legal you would want the broker to be able to demonstrate to the courts, that all the correct processes and premium pricing information was provided.

Minimising business risk with insurance has changed and you need to change.

You also need to get covered for the new wave of business risks already making themselves known, such as cyber risk , privacy infringements and theft of customer data bases and credit card details, a risk to every business regardless how big or small.

I can well understand how obtaining competing quotes every year produces a headache in never ending phone calls in trying to win your business, plus the hours in trying to make sense of what is being presented.

Another Way

An alternative is to use a service to assess your cover premiums and work with you to get a better deal (a true saving with correct cover) from your existing broker or insurer.

For a relatively small fee and depending on the type of cover, this can easily gain a much bigger savings in premiums without having to change brokers. It may also uncover some big holes and you will be very pleased you took the initiative to better secure your future.

Patrick Langan offers a review service that even provides small business with an initial free assessment.

In short to save on premiums requires a willingness for business owners to accept the business insurance playing field has changed. That the odds are lesser in your favour unless you are willing to change tactics.

So now that you know what to do to save on business insurance premiums, then get to it, or if you don’t have time, pass this article onto somebody else and delegate getting a no charge review for your small business (small fee for Larger organisations)

Links to short case study summaries where claims have been lost through broker indifference, business owner’s lack of understanding, and willingness of insurers to test every claim to reduce payout liability, are at the bottom of this page.

Claims Against Insurance Brokers

What you need to know about Business Insurance

Business Insurance Industry Expert

Patrick Langan , Dip. Fin. Serv.(Broking), QPIB, Oracle Group – AFS 363610, Authorised Representative No.1240016

The biggest issue and what you need to know about business insurance is …

… that when you need it most, some insurers are likely to fight you for every dollar of payout and you will only find this out when it is too late to change.

They will be looking for any inaccuracies or non-disclosures within the policy info you provided, that have the possibility to reduce their payout liability.

Coupled with the fact that the majority of written policy details are computer entered by assistants or junior staff, who are selected for their lowest cost per hour, and have limited or no insurance knowledge, experience, or data entry accuracy.

These workers are not paid to go back and correct their input errors, or highlight incomplete requirements and in many cases do not understand the ramifications of incorrect data.  They may even tick a box or enter incorrect data in order to complete the policy entry as quickly as possible to retain their job.

Many business owners are now facing an increasing trend in the rate of claim reductions, disputes and rejections, without being aware of the consequences of not checking, or having an alternate professional checking the policy details after it has been issued.

What is worse than losing everything you have worked many years to build ?

Having your claim for the capital to start again, rejected.

I will help reduce the possibility of this occurring and still fight to provide you with the lowest insurance premium for proper cover.

Your next steps are to contact me to review your current coverage, which I will provide on a no charge basis. Obviously terms and conditions will apply however basically I will provide exactly as stated.

No charge for the review and no obligation to obtain any insurance coverage from me.

So contact me now to have you coverage reviewed.